Strong and Complex Characters...

But Who Bears the Greatest Burden of Fear?

A captivating collection of characters live within the pages of this book. All have dreams and all have fears.  A dream to one can be a nightmare to another. Meet the pivotal players below

Gage McClure
An expressive and imaginative owner of a hotel in Seattle Washington.  He turns his dreams into accomplishments.  His pluses: he has drive and determination. Minuses: he can sink low at times due to his insecurities.

Hiram Smith
An ex-con. In prison he learned about Zen Buddhism and uses it daily. Built like an ox with both muscle and wisdom, Hiram is the general manager of Gage's hotel; he helps straighten out a crisis that culminates in a catastrophe.

Anna Tyers
A sexy, messed up young girl who wants to get rid of all her demons from the past. She uses prostitution to try and make money to buy her one dream: a small country inn in Oregon. She has guts, guile, and a ton of guilts.

Simmons Hall
The wife of Carl Hall who owns a shipping line in Seattle.  Their marriage is on the rocks and she doesn't know how to make it right. Mutual arguments and punishments with her spouse keep her stuck in stress---until she meets Gage McClure.

Arturo Valles
A unique, duplicitous man whose one aim is to take over a country, and eventually an entire continent. He attempts to use Gage McClure as a pivot for his mad politics. They met as teenagers when they were both in private school. At the school Gage had a form of ADHD; many kids picked on him.  Arturo was admired and respected and became Gage's savior from grueling humiliation.

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The Ancient Burden of Fear

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